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POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula

POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula is an additionally enhanced formula of the well-known POTENCIJAL. Still safe to health but now with improved ingredients and powerful effect. It is used in the same way as POTENCIJAL.

potencijal classic

Potencijal Forte represents a new, enhanced formula for fast effect and maximum potency! 15 years after the birth of POTENCIJAL concept, and a full decade of collecting information about successful effects of POTENCIJAL and its complete safety to health, our team of experts has come to a new, enhanced formula - Potencijal Forte!

BeDynamic kapsule

According to the experiences of specialist urology and sexology offices which participated in the research and creation of the product, BeDynamic capsules have shown very satisfactory effect with complete absence of side effects.


In the male body testosterone is produced in testicles and is the main reproductive hormone of a man. However, its influence on a man is very complex and goes way beyond sexual function.

Beside potency and sexual drive, testosterone has a powerful influence on mental processes, emotions, mood, but also on muscles, bones, blood pressure, cardiovascular system, sugar metabolism...

Testorex Ultra

TESTOREX ULTRA pomaže organizmu da prirodnim putem proizvede povećanu količinu testosterona sa svim poželjnim efektima koji se time postižu – bez ikakvog zdravstvenog rizika!

TESTOREX ULTRA deluje na dva načina:
- putem pojačanja testosteronskog efekta u organizmu
- direktnim, vantestosteronskim dejstvom na različite fiziološke procese