Questions & answers: Prostate Potencijal

Beside its impact on prostate, does PROSTATE POTENCIJAL have influence on potency too?
Yes, it has a positive effect on potency. Apart from reducing the symptoms to do with their problematic prostate, men who take this product have a better sexual function as well. However, if potency problems are more prominent, we recommend using  PROSTATE POTENCIJAL together with POTENCIJAL - one tablet of each supplement in the morning and one in the evening for a period of three months. Additionally, one tablet of POTENCIJAL FORTE can be taken half an hour before sexual intercourse for immediate boosting effect.

Are there any side effects while using PROSTATE POTENCIJAL?
There are no side effects. PROSTATE POTENCIJAL is absolutely safe to health and can be used by all men regardless of their health condition.

I am 53 and I don't have enlarged prostate. Would it be useful to take PROSTATE POTENCIJAL?
Regular use of PROSTATE POTENCIJAL at your age is definitely useful and contributes to the easier functioning of prostate and better potency too.

My doctor told me that my prostate is a bit enlarged but I don't have any symptoms. Should I use PROSTATE POTENCIJAL?
It is good you don't have any symptoms. However, like in the previous question, using  PROSTATE POTENCIJAL will contribute to a better functioning of prostate, which can delay the appearance of first symptoms.

My prostate is enlarged, I have difficulties emptying the bladder and often have bacteria in my urine. Can PROSTATE POTENCIJAL help me?
Certainly. PROSTATE POTENCIJAL will contribute to reducing the symptoms and a more efficient combat against the bacteria. In situations like that, Dr Popovic advises using  PROSTATE POTENCIJAL and URO POTENCIJAL supplements together. One tablet of each product is to be taken in the morning and one in the evening during a longer period of time (from several weeks to a few months).