Potencijal Forte


Potencijal Forte

  • Safe to health
  • Tested by the team of experts led by Dr Gordan Popovic
  • Fast and strong effect
  • Increases sexual desire
  • Facilitates erection
  • Enhances the hardness of the penis
  • Elongates the intercourse
  • Improves overall mental and physical state and immune system

Potencijal Forte

POTENCIJAL FORTE represents a new, enhanced formula for fast effect and maximum potency!

15 years after the birth of POTENCIJAL concept, and a full decade of collecting information about successful effects of POTENCIJAL and its complete safety to health, our team of experts has come to a new, enhanced formula - POTENCIJAL FORTE!

POTENCIJAL FORTE has a prominent momentary effect and is taken exclusively 30 minutes before sexual intercourse!

POTENCIJAL FORTE awakens and boosts sexual drive, strengthens the male reproductive organ and elongates the coitus. The effects of POTENCIJAL FORTE are most strongly visible within 30 minutes to 4 hours after taking it, but can last up to 12 hours.

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POTENCIJAL FORTE is absolutely safe to health and can be taken by all people whose doctors haven't forbidden them to be sexually active. In his practice Dr Popovic has prescribed POTENCIJAL FORTE to men with high blood pressure, angina pectoris and even those who have survived a heart attack in the moment when their cardiologist approved sexual activity. In all these cases POTENCIJAL FORTE proved to be completely safe to health of the patient.

POTENCIJAL FORTE has excellent effects when being used on its own - fast and strong. The effect duration is up to 12 hours.

dr popovic Apart from momentary impact, numerous men want a long lasting improvement of potency. "The combined use of POTENCIJAL and POTENCIJAL FORTE gives you not only a short-term but also a long-lasting boost of potency. Individual experiences have shown that the most efficient combination is regular intake of POTENCIJAL - one tablet in the morning and one in the evening, and additionally taking one tablet of POTENCIJAL FORTE 30 minutes before intercourse. With such combined use of POTENCIJAL and POTENCIJAL FORTE, a momentary enhancement of sexual desire is accomplished, accompanied by erection and long lasting coitus, but also the long-term improvement of the overall sexual function." Dr Popovic oexplains, answering the question which way of using POTENCIJAL and POTENCIJAL FORT proved to be the best one.


Combined use enables maximum effect

POTENCIJAL FORTE is packed as 1 or as 10 tablets, and POTENCIJAL is in a packaging of 30 tablets and can be bought in most pharmacies or can be ordered here.

Potencijal Forte (1 capsule): 799.00 RSD

Potencijal Forte (10 capsules): 6399.00 4900.00 RSD

Ask for it in pharmacies or order here.


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