Questions & answers: Uro Potencijal

I have fequent infections of the bladder. How should I use URO POTENCIJAL?
In cases of frequent infections, we recommend a long-term use of URO POTENCIJAL as follows: one tablet 3 times a day for at least 3 months. Beside that, Dr Popovic advises a necessary check-up with your urologist, since frequent bladder infections can be the consequence of certain urological disorders which must be eliminated to achieve a permanent solution.
Can women use URO POTENCIJAL too?
Of course. URO POTENCIJAL is a supplement that is recommended in cases of urinary infections in both men and women, with no difference whatsoever.
I have enlarged prostate and I use PROSTATE POTENCIJAL. Would I benefit from using URO POTENCIJAL as well?
With enlarged prostate, emptying of the bladder is difficult, which leads to the development of urinary infections more easily. Because of that they often go hand in hand with enlarged prostate. For that reason, we recommend a combined use of URO POTENCIJAL and PROSTATE POTENCIJAL - one tablet of both supplements in the morning and in the evening. Apart from having the antibacterial effect, URO POTENCIJAL has such a combination of ingredients that it produces an incredible therapeutic effect on the prostate too, so its application is very useful for all people who have enlarged prostate.


Is it useful to take URO POTENCIJAL in situations when I have no health problems?
URO POTENCIJAL has an excellent impact on emptying and cleaning the kidneys and the whole urinary tract. Besides that it contributes to the improvement of resistance of the urinary tract and reduces the possibility of infections. Occasional use is very good even if you don't have health issues. We advise using it every six months for three weeks, one tablet 3 times a day.