Potencijal Advanced Formula

Potencijal Advanced formula

Potencijal Advanced Formula


  • Enhanced formula of Potencijal
  • Long lasting stronger effect
  • Longer intercourse
  • Better quality of erection
  • Completely safe to health
  • Intended for all men

Potencijal Advanced Formula

POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula is an additionally enhanced formula of the well-known POTENCIJAL. Still safe to health but now with improved ingredients and powerful effect. It is used in the same way as POTENCIJAL. POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula in a capsule is used by taking one capsule in the morning and one in the evening, and can also be used by taking one to two capsules additionally before intercourse. The head of the team of experts is Dr Gordan Popovic, our renowned urologist and sexologist who has been running his urology and sexology office "POTENCIJAL" successfully for 20 years, and after which the most thriving potency supplement in our area would be named. The task that Dr Popovic set before his team of experts was to create a potency supplement which would be suitable for wide use, i.e. which could be bought legally without doctor's prescription, safe to health and with a long-term positive effect on potency. Out of 27 different formulations, tested within several years, the one which gave the best and most reliable results was chosen. This most successful formula was named after Dr Popovic's office - POTENCIJAL.


POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula represents a 25-year experience with men in the practice of Dr Gordan Popovic and gives maximum results after one to three months of correct therapy dosage.


Apart from permanent potency improvement, numerous men want a stronger immediate effect. "The combined use of POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula and POTENCIJAL FORTE gives you not only a long-term but also an immediate boost of potency. Individual experiences have shown that the most efficient combination is regular intake of POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula - one tablet in the morning and one in the evening, and additionally taking one tablet of POTENCIJAL FORTE 30 minutes before intercourse. With this combined use of POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula and POTENCIJAL FORTE, a momentary enhancement of sexual desire is accomplished, accompanied by erection and long lasting coitus, but also the long-term improvement of the overall sexual function." - Dr Popovic explains, answering the question which way of using POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula and POTENCIJAL FORTE proved to be the best one.

With this combined usage you will acquire a strong immediate effect, but also a long lasting improvement which remains long after you stop using POTENCIJAL supplements.

The combined use enables maximum effect





POTENCIJAL Advanced Formula
(30 capsules): RSD 1790.00

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