Questions and answers

Here are some of the questions about POTENCIJAL that were addressed to Dr Gordan Popovic:

Who is POTENCIJAL intended for in terms of age – I turned 70, can I start using it?

The youngest patient who used POTENCIJAL by the recommendation of Dr Popovic was 17 years old.

The oldest patient, or as we often say „the office recorder“ for many years was a man who, at the time of his arrival to the office, was 89. In different newspapers some articles were published about it.

Yet, since two weeks ago (the time of writing this answer is December 2013) we’ve had a new POTENCIJAL „office recorder“, and it is a gentleman born in 1923, so at the age of 91. Due to certain circumstances, he did not have sexual intercourses years back. However, he has met a female friend who he wanted to have sex with, and the first attempts were not successful. He came in for an examination and it was established that there was a chance to do something about it. Considering the patient’s age, Dr Popovic decided on the safest option for his health, and it was POTENCIAL tablets. After about 10 days, he returned for the check-up with great news…


What are contraindications for using POTENCIJAL – who should not be using it?

POTENCIJAL can be used absolutely by everyone, regardless of age and health condition.

POTENCIJAL is completely safe to health and can not harm anyone!

There are some circumstances when its use is not recommended, i.e. you can use it but we don’t recommend it: pregnant women, breastfeeding period, persons under the age of 18, and those who know for sure they are allergic to some of the ingredients.

Only those people who are sure to be allergic to some of the ingredients of POTENCIJAL should not be taking it.

All others can take it with no fear for their health!

The package of POTENCIJAL contains several warnings when it comes to cardiovascular diseases, patients with diabetes, kidney disease patients and psychiatric patients. These warnings were written for legal and administrative reasons and have no particular medical value.

In the past 10 years Dr Popovic has recommended POTENCIJAL to those exact patients with above mentioned health problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, angina pectoris, those who have suffered a heart attack, a stroke…) Prescribing anything else to those particular patients was risky, so Dr Popovic opted for POTENCIJAL as the safest choice!


How long can POTENCIJAL be used?

Experiences from POTENCIJAL office are the following:

The longest continual use of POTENCIJAL was by a patient who used it for five years. This was according to the patient’s wish, considering the fact that he was satisfied with the effects which POTENCIJAL had not only on his potency, but also on the general condition of his body. He regularly visited Dr Popovic for consultations, and occasionally for check-ups. His health was perfect – much better than in the previous period of his life when he wasn’t taking POTENCIJAL. Another thing worth mentioning is that the patient was 52 years old when he started taking POTENCIJAL.

However, we have more examples of shorter use of POTENCIJAL – from a few weeks to several months, which is the most common recommendation by Dr Popovic – in practice, this period is more than enough for obtaining excellent results.


It is a well known fact that potency problems can be organic or psychological. In which case is POTENCIJAL recommend?

POTENCIJAL is successfully applied with both organic disorders and psychological causes.

The level of success in each individual treatment depends on the type and difficulty of the disorder, but a certain improvement can be expected in most people.


How long is it necessary to use POTENCIJAL in order to notice the first results?

It depends on the cause of the problem. The most common improvement happens straight away or in the first few days and additionally increases each day. With a small number of people first effects are visible after a month or more days after the beginning of intake. With additional use of POTENCIJAL FORTE 30 minutes before intercourse, the instant effect of POTENCIJAL is enhanced and it speeds up the appearance of the first positive effects.


Apart from boosting the hardness of the penis, does POTENCIJAL have influence on the length of sexual intercourse?

Yes. We should bare in mind that there are more kinds of short intercourse, so called premature ejaculation. Over a 20-year period of practical work with such patients, Dr Popovic has established several forms of premature ejaculation depending on the age in which the problem occurred, the length of the intercourse and potential influence of certain factors in terms of lengthening the intercourse or lack of such influence. With some groups of patients POTENCIJAL has shown excellent effect, but only minor improvements have been identified in other groups. In practice, anyone who has a problem with the length of coitus should use POTENCIJAL (one tablet in the morning and one in the evening) and POTENCIJAL FORTE (one tablet 30 minutes before intercourse) within a month. In case of no improvements, we advise a consultation with Dr Popovic.

Does POTENCIJAL have to be used together with POTENCIJAL FORTE?

No, it doesn’t. Regardless of having insufficient erection, too short coitus, or weaker sexual drive, patients can take only POTENCIJAL. It is used by taking one tablet in the morning and one in the evening, and additionally two tablets 45 to 60 minutes before intercourse. Only if you want a stronger immediate effect, we advise using POTENCIJAL FORTE 30 minutes before having sex (instead of 2 tablets of POTENCIJAL).


What are contraindications for using POTENCIJAL FORTE – who should not be using it?

POTENCIJAL FORTE can be consumed by absolutely everyone, regardless of their age and health condition.

POTENCIJAL FORTE is perfectly safe to one’s health and cannot harm anyone!

There are some circumstances in which we don’t recommend it, i.e. it can be used, but is not advised: pregnancy, breastfeeding period, persons under the age of 18, and those who are sure to be allergic to some of its ingredients.

Only those people who are certain to be allergic to some ingredients in POTENCIJAL, should not be using it. This doesn’t include the people who are afraid they might be allergic, but only the ones who have experienced a previous allergic reaction to some of the ingredients shouldn’t use it.


Does POTENCIJAL FORTE need to be used together with POTENCIJAL?

No, it doesn’t. POTENCIJAL FORTE can be used on its own – one tablet 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

However, if a patient wants to have a permanent improvement of potency, we advise taking both medications: POTENCIJAL is taken regularly, one tablet in the morning and one in the evening at least for a month, but it is advisable to take it for a longer period – the average use is 3 months. Beside that, POTENCIJAL FORTE is used by taking one tablet 30 minutes before coitus.

It is important to understand that regular use of POTENCIJAL has a cumulative effect – in time, its impact becomes stronger, and this leads to the enhanced effect of POTENCIJAL FORTE.


Apart from increasing erection, does POTENCIJAL FORTE also improve the length of sexual intercourse and for how long?

Yes, POTENCIJAL FORTE also makes coitus last longer. Its effect on the length of intercourse was the subject of a special research that Dr Gordan Popovic conducted. The results of this research are rather complex and it is not easy to explain them in short. Depending on the type of premature ejaculation, the lengthening of intercourse obtained by using POTENCIJAL FORTE goes from 30% to about 400% comparing to the initial coitus length. Also, in case of premature ejaculation we advise using both POTENCIJAL and POTENCIJAL FORTE because in this way improvements are gained even in those cases in which there were no results at the very beginning of the supplement intake.


Beside its impact on prostate, does PROSTATE POTENCIJAL have effects on potency too?

Yes, it has a positive effect on potency. Men who take it don’t only experience the reduced symptoms concerning prostate issues, but have better sexual function as well. However, if potency problems are more prominent, along with PROSTATE POTENCIJAL, we recommend using POTENCIJAL as well – one tablet in the morning and one in the evening for both supplements within a period of three months. Additionally, one tablet of POTENCIJAL FORTE can be taken half an hour before coitus for the enhanced immediate effect.


Are there contraindications when using PROSTATE POTENCIJAL?

There are no contraindications. PROSTATE POTENCIJAL is perfectly safe to health and can be used by all men regardless of their health condition.

I am 53 years old and I don’t have enlarge prostate. Would it be useful to start taking PROSTATE POTENCIJAL?

Regular use of PROSTATE POTENCIJAL at your age is certainly useful and contributes to easier prostate function, as well as better potency.


My doctor told me I have slightly enlarged prostate but I have no problems whatsoever. Should I use PROSTATE POTENCIJAL?

It is good that you don’t have any problems now. Nevertheless, like in the previous question, taking PROSTATE POTENCIJAL will contribute to better functioning of your prostate, which can help delay the appearance of first symptoms.


I have enlarged prostate, difficulty emptying my bladder and often have bacterias in my urine. Can PROSTATE POTENCIJAL help me?

Absolutely. PROSTATE POTENCIJAL will help reduce the symptoms and effectively fight the bacteria. In cases like that, Dr Popovic advises using both PROSTATE POTENCIJAL and URO POTENCIJAL. Take one tablet in the morning and one in the evening of both supplements for a longer period of time (from several weeks to several months).


I often experience bladder infections. How should I use URO POTENCIJAL?

If your infections are frequent, we advise a long-term use of URO POTENCIJAL by taking one tablet three times a day, for at least three months. Apart from that, Dr Popovic strongly recommends an examination with a urologist since frequent infections of the bladder can be the consequence of some urological disorders which must be eliminated in order to obtain a permanent solution to the problem.

Can URO POTENCIJAL be used by women too?

Of course. URO POTENCIJAL is a dietary supplement recommended for urinary infections in both men and women, regardless of gender.

I have enlarged prostate and I use PROSTATE POTENCIJAL. Would I benefit from using URO POTENCIJAL as well?

In case of enlarged prostate passing urine is more difficult and this leads to easier development of urinary infections. Because of this, they often follow the problem of enlarged prostate. For that reason we advise using URO POTENCIJAL together with PROSTATE POTENCIJAL – one tablet in the morning and one in the evening of both supplements. Beside its antibacterial effect, URO POTENCIJAL has ingredients which influence the prostate extremely well, so its use is very beneficial with all the people who are diagnosed with enlarged prostate.


Is it useful to take URO POTENCIJAL even when I don’t have any health problems?

URO POTENCIJAL has an excellent impact on emptying and cleaning the kidneys and whole urinary tract. Apart from that, it contributes to the immunity of the urinary tract and reduces the possibility of developing infections. Occasional use is very beneficial even if you have no problems. It is recommended to take it every six months for the period of three weeks, one tablet three times a day.